Why Choose A Professional for Your Generac Installation?

When securing your Corpus Christi, TX home or business with a trustworthy power backup system, opting for a Generac generator through professional installation by Generator Supercenter is a judicious decision. Generac, renowned for power generation, offers an array of models to meet different energy demands. But why is professional installation the better alternative to a […]

How A Standby Generator Can Help You Prepare For Power Outages in Corpus Christi, TX

For residents of Corpus Christi, TX, who face the frequent uncertainty of severe weather and unexpected power outages, preparedness is non-negotiable. Generator Supercenter stands as a beacon of reliability in such times—supporting the community with dependable standby generators when natural forces challenge the power grid. Standby Generators: Your Power Safeguard Distinguished from portable models, standby […]

High Winds and Cold Fronts: Ensuring Your Generac Generator is Prepared in Corpus Christi

Residents of Corpus Christi understand the power of nature’s unpredictability, especially after experiencing high winds with the cold fronts, which have historically led to disruptions. A recent example, highlighted in a KIII TV article, details power outages caused by winds accompanying a cold front sweeping through the area. For Generac generator owners, such events underscore […]

How Long Can a Generator Power Your Home During an Outage?

How Long Can a Generator Power Your Home During an Outage? Power outages can be a major inconvenience, especially if they last for several days. If you have a generator, you can keep your home powered and comfortable during an outage. But how long can a generator run? The runtime of a generator depends on […]

Can You Run A Generator In Extreme Weather?

Power outages often happen when the weather is at its most extreme. But can you run a generator in rain, wind or snow? Fortunately, with adequate protection, you can keep your backup power source running even during extreme weather conditions. Read on to discover how to run your generator during a downpour or a snowstorm. […]

How Much Do Generators Cost To Run?

Knowing the cost of running your generator is essential to any generator purchase. Before you buy your generator, you need to know how much fuel that generator consumes per hour so that you can factor that into the overall costs. So how much do generators cost to run? This article will help you assess the […]

How to Protect Your Home from the Biggest Threats to the Energy Grid

The energy grid is essential to our modern way of life, but it is also vulnerable to a variety of threats, both natural and man-made. Here are some of the biggest threats to the energy grid today: How to Protect Your Home There are a number of things that homeowners can do to protect themselves […]

Why Do Power Outages Happen?

Power outages often happen without warning and can last a few minutes to several days. Knowing how to prepare for power outages can help minimize the impact on your daily life. Read on to learn more about the common causes of power outages, how to be ready for them, and how to navigate them when […]

What Is The Power Grid And How Does It Work?

Many of us only think of the power grid when it goes down. As we sigh with the inconvenience of a power outage, we don’t often realize what the power grid is and how the system works. This article will help shed some light on our power grid and how it provides energy to our […]

Installation Preparation: What To Know

If you experience a blackout, then you may have some serious concerns if you have a critical medical device that relies on power. You may even have some concerns about the food in your freezer or the dangers of having to navigate your home in the dark. Outages are somewhat problematic, but it is more […]