Generac G-Force Engine: What Makes It Great

If you are looking for a standby generator, you have many options. There are multiple manufacturers out there all promising that they offer the best products on the market. 

But do they? Arguably not. In this post, we outline why the Generac G-Force® Engine is the best option for your home. Read on to learn more. 

Cooler Operation

The vast majority of small, portable generators rely on air cooling to prevent engine temperatures from rising above the specified range. Air flows over a radiator, dissipating waste heat from combustion to the surrounding environment. 

Unfortunately, conventional air cooling systems aren’t wholly effective. While they keep generator temperatures down during short spells of operation, they are far less effective for longer outages. Over time, temperatures rise, leading to output instability and, sometimes, wholesale shutdown. 

The Generac G-Force® Engine does not have this problem. It incorporates features that address the limitations of air-cooled engines, allowing it to run for days or weeks at a time without issue. 

The Generac G-Force® Engine can achieve this high level of performance because it uses technology derived from a new class of generator engines. Cold smart technology monitors the ambient temperature so that the engine is already warm before it begins operating. There are also additional thermal safety cut off features that will automatically kick in if temperature levels exceed certain thresholds, protecting your equipment and household appliances. 

Exceptional Fuel Economy

Regular generators can be expensive to run because of poor fuel economy. Homeowners often find themselves having to trudge over to their generator every few hours to top it up and keep the lights on. 

However, the Generac G-Force® Engine cuts down on this necessity by implementing several advanced energy-saving technologies. For instance, Generac engines run cooler with extended surface area for larger head rejection, allowing for longer run times. They also feature idle-down control, which can reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent compared to competitor products. In total, Generac claims that its design offers greater efficiency while offering 20 percent more power throughout the RPM range. 

Cleaner Power

Lastly, Generac products allow you to complement clean power generation equipment operating in your home. EcoGen, for instance, integrates with solar and wind systems to ensure that home batteries remain topped up, even when renewable sources of energy are unavailable. 

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